We have proven ourselves in Tournament Fishing over and over.
Here are some of the winnings from the past:

Caloosa Catch & Release

1999 2nd Place Overall
1999 1st Place Top Guide
1999 2nd Place Guide
11th Annual 1st Place
13th Annual 2nd Place Overall
13th Annual 2nd Top Guide
14th Annual 3rd Overall
17th Annual 1st Top Guide
17th Annual 2nd Top Guide
2005 1st Place
2007 Overall Sportsmanship & Community Support Award

Summer Slam

3rd Annual 1st Place
2000 3rd Place
2003 3rd Place

Professional Tarpon Tournament Series

2004 3rd Place
2005 3rd Place
2007 2nd Place
2007 4th Place

Cabbage Key Invitational

1999 2nd Place
2007 4th Place

Cracker Invitational

1997 3rd Place
1999 1st Place
1999 3rd Place
2000 2nd Place
2003 1st Place
2004 1st Place
2005 1st Place
2007 1st Place
2007 2nd Place

Old Timers

2001 2nd Place

Line Seders

2001 2nd Place

Tommy Reed - First Mate - Awards:

2006 1st Place First Mate Caloosa Catch & Release
2006 1st Place First Mate Cracker Invitational
Special Rates apply for Tournament Fishing. Please call for details.